How to create the perfect family home

As your family expands, your home needs to develop with it. Overcrowded and cluttered space is no good when you’re trying to tackle day to day activities as a family. You need to find the right balance between comfortable, cosy and practical.

We appreciate that no family home is the same, but there are a handful of things we can consider to create the perfect family home for all to enjoy. Here, we’ve put together the key factors you should look into when you want to turn your home, into a family home.

The layout

The layout of your home is the most important thing. It forms the basis of everything you’re trying to achieve. For this, you need to think about two things – connectivity and visibility. As this is your busy family home, it needs to be multifunctional and flow.

While your children are young they need to be with you at all times, and that’s why you need multifunctional rooms. You need a place to rest and somewhere to play, so most of your free floor space should be spent in these areas.

Living room area

When designing your living room, try and make it look inviting. You’re likely to spend most of your time together in this room. The vital aspects of your living area should be good natural light, access to the garden (if possible) plus  a relaxed and cosy feel for everyone to enjoy. A comfortable seating area and an area for entertainment make up this room – try to avoid making it too focused around the television. A large coffee table where you can play games and a comfy nook for reading are great additions.

Kitchen/dining room

Traditional value still holds here as the kitchen will always be the heart of the home. When it comes to colours, whites, blues, greys and yellows always will always shine brightly in this space. To make sure the room is safe when your little ones are around, take a look at these top tips.

For your dining room, ditch open shelves and opt for a cabinet to put your plates and glasses inside, with young children this makes it much more practical and safe. Contemporary dining room chairs either in bright colours or a comfortable leather cushioned style are great for informal family dinners but are also stylish enough for when you’re entertaining.


For the early years, your children’s bedrooms need to be equipped with everything you require for feeds, sleeping, changing, supervision and playing. Make sure you have the space to adapt the room as your child grows older for items such as drum kits, guitars, friends and a study area. Keeping simple and neutral colours will prevent you from having to redecorate every time they’re into something new. Decorating with posters and artwork is a great alternative.

Soft rugs, a big box or trunk to throw discarded toys into, open shelves and a wardrobe are furniture items you can keep for many years. If you’re looking for a durable bed or bed frame for your children that also doubles up as storage, take a look at the designs available from Divan Beds Centre – you’ll most certainly find the right fit.

The bathroom

Bathrooms tend to lack natural light, so it’s no surprise some kids don’t enjoy taking baths. If you have quite a small and cramped bathroom, try and make it appear bigger with mirrors.

Banish clutter and create a sense of space in your bathroom for mum and dad who also need to relax, but also have a selection of toys somewhere for the children to play with – it will make their bath a lot more inviting and entertaining.

Creating the perfect family home is all about designing a space that works for your needs, try out these tips and enjoy life together under one roof.