Etiquette for Kid’s Birthday Party

Once you’ve reached a certain age in your adulthood, you start to get invitations to a new kind of party: a kid’s birthday party. Attending a children’s birthday party as an adult is completely different experience from when you were jumping in the bouncy castle yourself. There is an etiquette for a kid’s birthday party that you need to learn, specifically about the birthday gift. The following kid’s birthday party etiquette tips will help you sail through the party.

Ask What Gift to Get

Luckily, children are quite vocal about their birthday wish list. If you or your own child doesn’t know the birthday boy or girl too well, feel free to ask the parent. The parents can give you an idea of their child’s current interests but also what they think would be a suitable gift. Some parents might specifically ask for non-toy birthday gifts or even no gifts at all. To avoid an awkward gift opening, simply check-in with the parents. If the parents say something in the spirit of ‘oh, anything would be great’ then here is a quick list of fool-proof birthday gifts for kids

  • Books
  • Cinema tickets
  • Birthday gift basket
  • Hypo-allergenic plush toy
  • Board games

Kid’s Birthday Gift Budget

How much to spend on a birthday gift for a child is completely up to you. If you’ve asked the parents for gift ideas then you may have an indication of an appropriate price range. A gift card is not a recommended gift. For families that are not as familiar with each other and even for parents that are close friends, the monetary value of a gift card can create an awkward moment. To avoid unused gifts, keep the receipt and offer the parents to exchange the gift, just in case.

Bringing Snacks

Unless otherwise specified, it is not necessary to bring more snacks to a child’s birthday party. The parents of the birthday kid will have taken care of that. If your child has allergies however, offer to bring your own snacks to lighten the pressure on the hosts.

No Gift Parties

Some parents will specifically ask you to not give any gifts. Respect their wishes to avoid looking like you are opposed to their parenting choices. If you would still like to contribute somehow, ask if you can help with the preparations. Another sweet gesture is to make a donation to charity in the name of the child’s birthday.

Be Timely

A children’s birthday party can require a lot of energy to get through, from both parents and the kids. Respect the host’s time by showing up at the specified hour. You also don’t want to be the last ones to leave. When the kids have had their sugar rush crash and the play is more tense, it is time to go home.