5 Foods You Must Have In Your First Trimester!

Pregnancy is a different experience for each woman, and it is hard to predict how you will feel in each trimester. Since a baby is growing inside you, there’s one thing that’s constant – The need for right nutrition. Eating balanced meals in each of the motherhood stages ensures that your body gets the macros, vitamins and minerals that are required for optimal growth of the fetus. In this post, we will talk of the foods you need to include in your diet in the first trimester.

  • Dairy. You need more of calcium and protein during pregnancy, and that’s where dairy in varied forms comes in handy. Dairy products, especially yogurt, contains both whey and casein proteins, which is known to be beneficial for pregnant women. Your doctor may also recommend probiotic supplements, which aids in preventing some of the complications.

  • You need more folate, protein and iron during the first few months, and legumes are healthy choices by all means. Folate, in particular, is important for the fetus in the first three months, and you get more of it from various legumes, including peas and common lentils. Not to forget, most legumes are high in fiber.
  • Doctors also recommend eating a lot of fish in the first trimester, not including the ones that are high on mercury content. Salmon is a favorite pregnancy food and is rich in various omega-3 fatty acids. For the brain development of the fetus, omega-3 fatty acids are extremely important.
  • Eggs are among the healthiest foods on the planet and offers a bunch of nutrients. You get considerable share of your daily protein from egg whites, while the egg yolk is a source of good fats. You can talk to your doctor about how many eggs you can have each week, but this is a healthy breakfast choice for all the right reasons and is high in choline.

  • Lean meats. You can have lean meats like chicken and beef in moderation to get the right amount of protein. These meats are also high in other vitamins, including vitamin B, as well as choline and iron. Iron is extremely important right from the first trimester, and if you can get it from your diet, nothing like that.

Talk to your doctor to know if you need prenatal vitamins and other supplements. Focusing on your diet isn’t a choice, but avoid overeating and stick to the basic diet plan.