3 Unique Newborn Gifts to Celebrate New Life

Be it for a baby shower or just a gift to say, “hi, welcome to this world,” when an infant is born, the unique occasion calls for gifts. Choosing what to buy a new little man or lady, however, can be a bit frustrating, especially if you have not had little ones of your own in a while.

Today, there’s a whole slew of gizmos, devices and equipment for infants. If you are looking for something different from the classic new baby girl gift hamper, then there are indeed some innovative options on the market that you might want to consider.

Check out the following baby gift suggestions for 2019:

Infant Susher

If you are looking for a high-tech but not so expensive option for new baby gifts , then the infant susher just might be it!

Many parents call it the “calming sleep miracle for children,” and plenty of moms and dads are followers in its power. The power of “shushing” an infant (basically making the “shush” sound over and over in the infant’s ear to mimic the relaxing noises of being in the womb) has been proven. However, this machine saves parents’ breath and does it for them. After all, it can get peaceful tiring making that sound for long periods of time.

A timer lets you set the gadget to do its work for 15 or 30-minute blocks of time, and the volume of the balanced shushing noise can be adapted to adapt to the infant’s choice. L

Lightweight and battery-operated, the Baby Shusher is portable so you can bring it anywhere. As far as innovative and practical baby gifts go, what more could you ask for?

Turning point age blocks

For all those turning point pictures mothers and father like to publish on social media, these blocks include some extra pizazz. They’ll get years of usage from them as they can be stacked to record how many days, weeks and years a child is. There’s even one to suggest grade, so they can be utilised for all those first days of school pics throughout the years. They can even be used by mother before the infant gets here to document her growing stomach bump.

Each solid-wood set includes 2 square number blocks and one rectangle block with weeks/months/years/ grade. They likewise can be found in 3 various colour mixes– pink, blue or gender neutral. This present is photo ideal.

Bandana Bibs

Here’s a rootin’ tootin’ gift that’s as charming as it is practical. While the child’s gummy, drooly smiles are cute, they likewise can cause damp clothes and drool rash. This 10-pack of bibs will help avoid that in design.

Made from organic cotton and fleece, they’re soft and absorbent to keep clothes dry. The fact that they look unbelievably adorable on little cowboys and cowgirls is merely a bonus offer. The been available in an assortment of unisex patterns and colours that will blend and match with any outfit, and they’re adjustable so they can grow with baby into toddlerhood. The cost is remarkably low too, making it an impressive yet affordable gift sure to elicit plenty of ooh’s and ahh’s at a child shower.

So there you have it, a few great options for newborn baby gifts for the coming year. Whichever option you choose, parents are sure to appreciate the thought you have put into it.